Devo (kmelion) wrote,

That went faster than I expected...

May 3, EN has his first well-baby visit. I'll try and get NS to be seen as well for his 2 year old visit.

Then May 4th EN will be seeing a pediatric surgeon for a follow up regarding his hernia. The appointment is at 4:10 so I'm hoping that I can get a babysitter for just a couple hours before TC comes home.

I am so tired... EN didn't sleep well again - from 1:20 until about 5:30 or so he was fussy and cranky and in the end I nursed him laying down and I dozed while he slept.

One load of laundry washed and hung, second load is in the machine. Later, I'm going to take both boys to Mega and then we'll stop in the playground and I'll let NS run around. I bought him Croc knock-offs and he LOVES them.

I think I'm going to check out the Old Navy website and see what they have. NS has basically outgrown his clothing so I'm buying him summer stuff now. The problem is, when you can find boys clothing, they seem to come in sets only (at least the stores I've been to). Methinks a trip to the mall will be necessary next week. I'm also thinking of buying summer stuff for NS for NEXT year already at Old Navy and when we go in August I can bring it back and have. For fall/winter, the stores/websites will have in August so there's no rush.
Tags: en, mundane, ns
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