Devo (kmelion) wrote,

Took NS to the pediatrician. Now I have a prescription for a hydrocortisone cream for the worst patches of the eczema, a lotion for the rest of it and an antihistamine for at night. If the antihistamine doesn't work, I have a stronger medication to give him.

Also I have to bathe him twice a day and I have something to add to the bath water.

I think for Friday night I'll be making a pasta with mushroom cream sauce and a baked fillet of salmon. If I can find hoisin sauce, I'll make a hoisin-dijon mustard glaze for the fish. Not sure what to make for Shabbat lunch.

And I'll get EN his passport photos tomorrow. We tend to go to the Merkaz on Fridays any way, so rather than juggle both boys myself, I'll wait and Zach and I will take the boys tomorrow.
Tags: en, food, medical, ns

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