Devo (kmelion) wrote,

Sneaky Cooking

I don't think NS is a picky eater per se, he's just 2 1/2. He'll eat when he's hungry, he likes to try things for the most part and he has some favorites.

Like pasta and rice, scrambled eggs, franks in beans. And if something is dipped in ketchup, well so much the better.

It was kind of ironic that someone posted about the Sneaky Chef and her husband's project to get their kids eating more veggies and not realizing it because I was having the same problem. How to get my 2 1/2 year old to eat more veggies without shoving it down his throat.

Today I made the 'white puree' - steamed zucchini and cauliflower and then ran it through my grinder (my blender was a total waste of time). I froze 2 baggies with one cup each in it and 1/3 cup portions went into other baggies. And 1 whole cup was mixed into tonight's dinner - Mac and Cheese.

Everyone ate it. No one complained, as a matter of fact I don't think anyone particularly noticed.

The smaller portions I froze will be for NS's scrambled eggs. I'm sure I'll find a use for the larger portions.

The next puree will be the 'orange puree' of baked sweet potato and steamed carrots. I'll be using that for pasta sauce.

Heck, I can probably steam and grind a whole bunch of veggies for pasta sauce...
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