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Chicken Soup
with a dash of sarcasm
The boys 
6th-Dec-2009 09:23 am
EN is now Army crawling all over the place. Has been for about 2 weeks now. I'm about ready to close up the playpen but right now it's being used as part of the 'crawling containment area'. He has 2 bottom teeth and no real signs of more breaking through just yet. Surgery for his hernia and undescended testicle is set for January 24th.

NS's vocabulary is slowly getting better. He's putting real words together, 'no baby' is his favorite because EN is now getting into all his toys. Yesterday we took away his pacifier, cold turkey. Until now he's had it only in bed but it's time for him to give it up completely. In a month I'd like to start toilet training him. He saw an ENT the other week and I now have a referral to have his hearing tested. Now that EN has a surgery date I can make the appointment for the hearing test.
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