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Chicken Soup
with a dash of sarcasm
The special needs child 
20th-Dec-2012 12:19 pm
A friend was talking about her special-needs daughter in her own LJ and I commented that I find I have to remind myself (and Zach) at times that NS isn't STUPID, he's just wired differently.

And I think that's what makes some of his issues so much more frustrating. And by issues, I mean being poop trained.

I mean, thank God, he's such a SMART kid. He's got a fantastic mind and a brilliant memory. He's got a head for numbers and a love for science. Most of the time he's a happy kid and a pleasure to be with and around... but he simply refuses and/or is incapable of pooping on the toilet... and it makes me want to scream and punch walls and yes, sometimes shake him and ask him WHY WON'T/CAN'T HE GET IT?

Our next step is an appointment with the pediatrician (made it for Monday) to get a GI x-ray and see definitively if he has constipation issues.

Sigh. I love him. I really do.

(BTW, for anyone who doesn't know, NS was diagnosed with PDD-NOS this summer)
20th-Dec-2012 08:27 pm (UTC)
hugs! it must be so hard :(
20th-Dec-2012 08:37 pm (UTC)
Nate JUST poop trained at 3.5. I gave up then one day ran out Of diapers and that was that.

I know the frustration but it'll be ok boys are late trainers normally.
21st-Dec-2012 01:14 am (UTC)
My oldest (girl) took a long time to poop train. Shehadb fear of doing it in be toilet and we had a whole process. She did it at 4 finally. She also had sensory issues. If I'm ever on a real computer and not a phone I can write more.
31st-Dec-2012 06:22 pm (UTC)
Sending hugs and sympathy. Toilet training is hard enough as is; toilet training for spectrumites ... it can be so awful.
1st-Jan-2013 06:24 am (UTC)
Hang In there. My Pdd nos boy (16) can be frustrating but he is all the things you talked a out and more. Today he got his learners permit for driving. He is so pleased and proud but it was like pulling teeth to get him to read the drivers manual to prepare...
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