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Chicken Soup

with a dash of sarcasm

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15 December 1971
I am a hypocrite. But hypocrisy in others really annoys me.

But at least, I'm honest. Most of the time.

Depending on your politics, I live in Israel. Moved there from NY and well, talk about culture shock... My politics and my beliefs are at once left and right wing, depending on the issue. For more on life in Israel, take a peek at my other LJ yesha_settler

See, I told ya I'm a hypocrite.

I have 2 daughters, whom I refer to in LJ-land as TC (previously known as D1) and SR (previously refered to as D2), from a previous marriage. I have a great and sometimes exasperating husband (and I'm sure he'd say similar about me) zachkessin is his LJ... it's actually also his name. Go figure. And we have 2 sons together, known as NS and EN here in LJ-land.

For more info about me, you'll have to read the LJ..

EN's Breastfed Badges... he self-weaned at 2 years and a month or so.

NS's Breastfed Badges... he self-weaned at exactly 18 months.


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